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Frequently Asked Questions

            Why can ARS collect these accounts when I haven’t been able to?

ARS’s main goal is to efficiently and affordably collect debt. Our only focus Is achieving this goal for every partner.

         My accounts aren’t high balances, will you still collect them?

Every account from $5 to $500,000 is given specialized attention by a trained member of our collection team.

          Do you have a minimum number of accounts that have to be placed?

No. You can place once account if that is what suits your needs.

          How much does Key Charge?

Nothing unless we collect on your behalf. Our fees are extremely competitive and our sales staff would be happy to quote you an affordable fee based on your needs.

          How do you get your fee?

If the balance is collected in our office, we deduct our portion of the fee and remit the balance to you with a monthly remit. If the balance is paid directly to you, we will bill you our fee on the same monthly remit.

          How do you communicate with your clients?


Just tell us the form of communication that is convenient for you. We communicate via email, fax, mail, phone or you may even feel free to come by our offices based in Portland, Maine. We will arrange all communications to suit your needs.

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